Who We Are

We are a proud, hard-working, family-owned health insurance company that believes in doing things the right way. 

We believe in being responsible stewards of our industry by providing proper education and by discovering what is most important to our clients and what they qualify for before we advise them. The Health Insurance industry has many complexities and is constantly changing, we are here to help our members with whatever concern comes up. We want to earn our members’ trust.

Meet Our Team

Kevin Ouellette headshot

Kevin Ouellette

Always the adventure seeker, Kevin is a very passionate person and he puts his heart into everything he does.

Kevin started his insurance career in 2008 by getting his Life and Health insurance license, he enjoys working with Medicare beneficiaries and helping them with their Medicare planning more than anything else. Kevin has 16 years of experience in the Medicare space and has worked as an independent insurance broker as well as working for a major national insurance carrier as a territory manager which has given him a lot of experience working with the community, training agents, and helping seniors.

When Kevin isn’t working, he enjoys woodworking and boat building, hiking and camping, and spending time with his family and 3 grandchildren.

Emily Perkins

Emily Perkins is Kevin’s daughter and the mother of his three grandchildren. She is Kevin’s business partner and his succession plan. Together, they run their family-owned and operated LLC. Kevin could not be any more proud of his daughter Emily, she is becoming a great businesswoman and she shares her dad’s enthusiasm for this business.

Emily enjoys hiking and gardening and being a soccer mom and coach, Emily lives with her husband and three children in southern Maine.