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The best advice we can give is to work with a local independent agent or agency that specializes in your area of insurance needs. One that is local, that will be accountable to you and service you as a client. Working with us means that we will have your back and will be here when it matters most.


We have been advising Medicare beneficiaries in multiple New England states for 16 years. We never assume anything. We enjoy asking questions and then we listen to learn what is most important to you. We will always fully disclose the positive and negative aspects of your insurance decisions.

We have been advising Medicare beneficiaries long enough to know that life, medical illnesses, and accidents happen. We do not want our members to be surprised and we do not want to ever hear a member say “I wish you had told me that”….we will tell you what you need to know upfront before the sale happens.


As the principal of the company, Kevin has gained a unique perspective on this industry. He started as an agent who represented one company, he then became a broker and agency which represented multiple companies. He most recently worked for a large national company as a carrier representative where he managed the territory, recruited, and trained agents. He has gained wisdom from working with the local community leaders who work closely with our aging population. As a result, he has developed many cooperative relationships. Working in these different capacities has given him a larger understanding of this industry and he is very proud of the role he plays in assisting his team and Medicare members.


Our company holds to somewhat “old-fashioned” concepts. We like to have conversations with people and get to know them. Our members are our friends and we care about them. Our philosophy is to be the opposite of the infomercial, the opposite of an 800 number – to not be a salesperson, but rather a worthy advisor. We will be accountable, return your phone calls, be available, and treat people with kindness and understanding.

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